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Beware of His True Nature

Notes: A Mulrooney prequel of sorts. And, yes, Rachel Stevens....I know.
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Notes: A Mulrooney prequel of sorts. And, yes, Rachel Stevens....<em>I know.</em><br /><br <blockquote>/>Come over here<br />I want to feel<br />I want to play<br />Here I go again<br /><br />-<br />Crazy Boys, Rachel Stevens</blockquote><br /><br /><cut><br /><hr /><br /><br />What is she doing?<br /><br />Even though she's quit believing, she wonders if Joe is watching her right now. If he is, then surely he disproves, and is embarrassed for her. She hopes he forgives her.<br /><br />She winces. Kevin is pulling her hair and is roughly sinking his teeth into her neck with very little finesse. If she didn't know any better, she would think he was purposely trying to hurt her. He must think he's being passionate, showing her his version of intense. But mostly, she's finding this painful and a little annoying. His kissing technique is even worse. She imagines he was one of those guys who practiced on a mirror.<br /><br />It's weird being like this, kissing someone other than Joe. Someone who doesn't know her good spots, who's giving her what he thinks she wants. She's desperately trying to enjoy this, but it's hard with someone like Kevin. He's all wrong. Wrong height, wrong cologne, even calling her by the wrong name: Alexandra. Mostly, he's an unintentional reminder and painful contradiction of everything Joe was.<br /><br />She jumps when she feels his cold little clammy hands underneath her blouse. Encouraged by this, he squeezes her breast even harder.<br /><br />She's a little ashamed to be so desperate, but the bourbon running through her blood is telling her to ride this out. Maybe it won't be as great as with Joe, and to her, no one will ever be as good as him. But maybe it will help her move on. Numb her pain a little faster; deliver her from this sad malaise she's been in for months. But mainly, she just wants to forget who she is. This is not Joe, and this is not her, she keeps telling herself.<br /><br />With that, she hears her cell phone ring.<br /><br />&quot;I have to get that,&quot; she tells him as she removes his hand from underneath her shirt. She hears his phone start ringing in tandem with her own.<br /><br /> Lt. Brown tells her that they've finally acquired the search warrant, and to get down to the Burnham house right away.<br /><br />&quot;I'll drive us there.&quot; he says, getting out his keys.<br /><br />He might not be that skilled, she thinks, but if nothing else, at least he's a good listener, and a genuinely nice guy.</cut>

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