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2011-10-30 06:27 am

Love Knows Not Its Own Depth Until the Hour of Our Separation

Note: Sequel to this obviously.

I just don't want it to grow
It's not that I don't know
I've changed my mind
I take it back
Erase and rewind


Erase and Rewind, The Cardigans

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2011-10-30 06:23 am

Beware of His True Nature

Notes: A Mulrooney prequel of sorts. And, yes, Rachel Stevens....I know.
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2011-10-30 06:13 am

What Goes Down Must Come Up

How can we win when fools can be kings?
Don't waste your time or time will waste you

No one's gonna take me alive
You and I must fight for our rights
You and I must fight to survive

Knights of Cydonia, Muse

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2011-10-30 05:55 am

The Hottest Love Has the Coldest End

How on earth could I be any more obvious?
I never really did and now it's never gonna happen with the two of us

I don't understand what it is that you're chasing after
But it makes me really sad to hear you sound so desperate
It just makes it harder

Never Gonna Happen, Lily Allen

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2011-10-30 05:16 am

Release Me, Dear Mistress

"It took a life span with no cell mate
with the long way back
Sandy, why can't we look the other way?"

-Evil, Interpol

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2011-10-30 04:04 am

Wounded in Love, Wounded in Hatred

Note: These were written for an itunes fanfic challenge I abandoned (hence the wildly cringe-worthy song choices). I only wrote 6 of them, and they were sitting around, taking up space, so thought I might as well release these into the wild. Nicole Wallace POV (psychopaths want love too!)
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